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The Selfish Month  

Oh April you're such a liar
Weeping tears at your desire
Who are you trying to conspire?
Showering things that I admire

Take away your first hand jokes
Causing laughter, tears and chokes
I want to sit outdoors and smoke
In short sleeves, not a cloak

Hey now, enough of that
You hit my coffee with a splat
Good job I'm wearing a hat
The seat is dry where I'm sat

Get away you tormenting fool
You treat everything so cruel
Droplets of water causing a pool
Glittering like a shiny pool.

(c) Joan Dodkin



The worse storm in the last decade
Five days ago it snowed outside
Or so the TV Metman said
Don’t know that for sure, I’m afraid

We fared quite well despite the snow
Only two inches did we get
Other places got more I’m sure
But was enough to make us fret

Five days later a difference
The temperature’s extended range
Like spring the seventies are back
A great metrological change!

I don’t suppose it will last long
It’s early March, more snow will come
In Pennsylvania spring is late
We know what is the total sum!

(C) Henry Dallimore


I have a corner in the yard
In winter it is always warm
If sunshine really is so hard
I sit out on my little form

The walls are tall, no breeze is there
At noon the shadows will encroach
Which really doesn't seem quite fair
'cos evening still has to approach

Although the shady garden's white
And old leaves too are lying there
The frost that's come the previous night
Other conditions might infer

December's threat it does not mean Indoors
I have to spend my time
My little corner that's so clean
Means I can sit, not spend a dime!

(C)  Henry Dallimore


Scrumpilicious, it's a brand new word
Covers everything you ever heard
That's nice and friendly to have around
And everything cool that makes a sound

Just like the song from Mary Poppins
Played so very sweet on violins
Makes everyone feel very happy
Responses to jokes always snappy

Just something expalidocous
Is never always quite atrocious
Birds sing, sunshine, no rain, always fine
For happier days no need to pine

Your time here on earth must be well spent
Of all your efforts do not repent
Always remember scrumpilicious
And avoid things that are malicious.

(C)  Henry Dallimore 

In the thick mist at night
Just after twilight
On Hastings West Hill
The castle remains can be seen still
It's as if the regiment of ghosts is still there
From the days of William the Conquerer where
The sound of the wind, as it moans
As if you can hear the regiment's groans
Chilling thoughts to remember
Especially as days get darker in November

(C) Mary Cook


In the fauna of leaves of reddish orange
Here and there was wild blue borage
The deer lay herself down
Beside the fawn of yellowish brown
The sky above the little cove
Turned a brilliant purple mauve

(C) Mary Cook


I wonder how it went before
The Internet arrived with us
I am so far from homeland shore
My friends I'd lose in days of yore

To Writers' Groups I still belong
Without the meetings to attend
I know Ashley will read ere long
And that my words won't come out wrong!

A miracle it is to know
That with my friends I join each week
My limited talents to show
My compositions row by row

Thank you so much, Microsoft
To give the chance to write each week
Thoughts which cross my mind at times oft
And keep my spirits well aloft

(C)  Henry Dallimore


 On Saturday, starting at eight
Yard sale did we decide to have
Although the weather wasn't great
And boxes felt like heavy freight!

It was still dark when we arose
Weatherman had said it's OK
On porch and yard we had the shows
Why do we do this? - goodness knows!

All set out and so nice to see
Our humble goods were put on show
Down came the rain - not good for me
Can't get the things under the tree!

People still came our goods to view
Despite the wet, effort was made
The awful weather to undo
And sales not to undervalue

At last when the sun did emerge
More people came the sights to see
When we to quit were on the verge
Our aspirations did resurge.

(C)  Henry Dallimore



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