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Poetry Form - Virelay


December the sniffiest month of the year

Coughs and sneezing

Christmas joy for all that one holds dear

Presents rustling

Friends paying yearly obligations

Church bells calling

Round the crib in adoration

Three kings kneeling

December the season for winter warmers


Families forming get-togethers


Frozen dew feathering to glinting strands

Icicles dripping

Hearing the weather forecast on the radio bands

Ominous warnings

(c) Maggie Crouch

Soaring Voices

A weakened sun lightly fingers the early morn

Christmas wakes

Heralding the celebration, a saviour was born

For our sakes.

Through the darkened sky, a glittering star breaks

For his birth

Frankincense, gold and myrrh are a kings keepsakes

In his worth.

Messages ripple across the breadth of the earth

Peace fulfil

Spreading the Gospel with merriment and mirth

In goodwill.

Faith in the wondrous creator this babe doth instil;

Joy partakes,

With beautiful soaring voices, praising God's will

Christmas awakes.


(c) Jan Hedger




This year is passing through December

Final days

Once vibrant trees, limbs frail with tremor

Parting ways

Frozen lakes, fixed in an icy gaze


Not reacting to the distant suns rays

Just thinking

Skeletal fingers, to life still clinging

Fuddled skies

From this year to the next, it's winging

Old and wise

The hoary fields, shrouded in white

Time and space

Waiting for the eternal night

Resting place.

(c) Ashley Jordan


VIRELAY - December 

Festive celebration Fun
Food drink
Drunken Laughter fun games
Open present
Warm open fire burns a flame
Smiles gain
Burns a haggis count a cheer
New year here.  

(c) Nick Crump

A Winter Weekend

Snuggle back down under the covers

It's cold

Stay as you are entwining lovers

In hold 


Within your secret world be embroiled

From eyes

Eyes that have followed you as you've toiled

Time wise 


All week you hide behind your disguise

Nine to Five

Free and easy weekend being your prize

Coming alive 


Saturday dancing the ballroom jive

Being bold

Making love till early hours arrive

Pure gold


(c) Jan Hedger


No More Fear


Goodbye is never forever

For you live

To rest in peace together

Slumber with


My aching heart loves December

A single fear

Eleven months to remember

A whole year


New shoots of hope, next year come

I fare well

Men in black, with glasses run

Toast and tell


Tales and stories of a year gone

Smiles appear

Listen, hark, I will sing a song

No more fear


(c) Antony May





Christmas time is back with us again

Savings gone too quick

Children excited and causing us pain

Santa's letters are ticked


Children wake us so very early

Paper sprawled everywhere

Too much drink, feeling poorly

Must not despair


All gathered round our dinner table

So much food to bear

Everybody's places have been labelled

So much, felt queer


In evening we're having much fun and games

Kids tired, fast asleep

Our day has been joy and gain

Memories to keep


(c) Jan Humphreys



The Carol Singers


Six rosy faces, all aglow

Stood before me

Wrapped in cosy scarves of yellow

They looked so sweet


I wondered who they'd come to see

I live alone

Surely they were not there for me?

My friends are gone


They opened up their mouths as one

Started to sing

I held my breath 'till they were done

A lovely thing


If they could know what joy they bring

To set me free

A new-found love of welcoming

Now not lonely.


(c) Ashley Jordan




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