Grass Roots Open Writers

Poetry Form - Tanka


IED explodes

Medics race to save a life

Helicopter lands

As the last breath is exhaled

His family have been informed.


(c) Jan Hedger



Show me your Tanka

Would it be as good as mine?

Well, we can compare

Who'll be on the calendar

Happy New Tanka to you all!

(c) Robert Brandon


TANKA (April)

With longing I look

Loyally, devotedly

Waiting patiently

For you to finish breakfast

Clip on my lead, off we go!

(c) Jan Hedger

Peregrine hunting

Adjusting wings in the air

Tail as a rudder

Eyes sharp as a thousand pins

Faster than a jet it falls.


(c) Jan Hedger


The coastline of Kent

Shrouded in mist from my view

Water betwixt - dark

With vibrant, animate waves

Churning the English Channel.


(c) Jan Hedger

April showers come
Summer on its way no change
Then environment

Issues take hold of people
Debates continue

(c) 6.10.09 JOSIE LAWSON
All Rights reserved

Gales will find mischief

Spume works like demented bat

Caught in horses mane

The storm bit chunks from cliff face

'Till next time, chortled the wind


(c) Maggie Crouch


Slow eyes lustre bright

Like peeping Tom hid from sight

Silent as sniper

The squirrel hugged the oak trunk

Anchored from gamekeeper's gun


(c) Maggie Crouch


Approach with caution

Promises of friendliness

Raining foolish tears

Indicating depression

Lingering for attention

(c) Joan Dodkin



April starts afresh

The month of joy and wonders

Time is passing by

With singing birds flying high

Plants and bushes start to grow

(c) Jan Humphreys


April's time is here

Spreading out some laugh and cheer

the month's first day

Stay away from anyone near

Before they say April Fools

(c) Ryan Powell



Squirrels chase their tails

Leap across the leafy boughs

Spiral round the trunk

Eyes bright in the spring sunshine

Bursting with fresh energy

(c) Ashley Jordan


Daffodils in bloom

Golden orchestra trumpets

Heralding the spring

Sunshine mirrored on the earth

The universe rejoices

(c) Ashley Jordan


April showers wash

Away the grime of winter

All things fresh and new

Flowers brighten in the rain

and drink the water of life

(c) Ashley Jordan



Parted - though we be

Love blossoming on the bough

Soft paper kisses

Blown on a far away breeze

From my gentle, empty hand.


(c) Jan Hedger

Hush, a secret tryst

A stolen kiss, a shy smile

Fingers poised at quiet lips

Lovers meet in the moonlight

Unaware of April's chill.


(c) Jan Hedger


Scrap of paper; passed

I don't 'arf fancy you babe

Bike sheds after break

Have two fags at the ready

Skip straight to biology!


(c) Jan Hedger



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