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Poetry Form - Rondine


Here's my Rondine, gleefully

Sounds like a dance, but it’s a poem

With the practice, comes the knowing

I'm on a roll now, follow me

Don't I rhyme magnificently?

Bet you like the way this's going

Here's my Rondine

I'm drowning in a sea of A4

But I wouldn't want it another way

I read myself daily

Always wanting more

Here's my Rondine

(c) Robert Brandon

Betwixt winter and spring

Too early for the tortoise to wake from sleep

Woolly jumpers and belted cardigans

Signs of life in the cities gardens

Over the horizon, the sun does creep

No warmth; as winter still lies deep

Birds not returned from foreign lands

Too early.

Lambs cry out for mother sheep

Spring tides shift upon the sands

Rivers flow as the willow bends

No salmon yet to leap upstream

Too early.


(c) Jan Hedger


An Aries Girl

When I was young I used to dream

of great achievements and success

Designing how to be the best

So every night I'd plot and scheme

Ambition set my eyes agleam

Competing always, without rest

When I was young

I pushed and charged ahead full steam

Working hard to complete my quest

Looking forward I onward pressed

My need to win a constant theme

When I was young

(c) Ashley Jordan


Hurtful Things

Hurtful things, they're saying

I must call my mother

And tell her that I love her

My children's tempers fraying

Grown up words they're using

Why do parents bother

Hurtful things.

They don't understand the meaning

Of the words they utter

Because the children matter

Parents hide their feelings

Hurtful things.

(c) Maggie Crouch, Maria Gethin & Ashley Jordan


A passage to spring

Time marches on - left, right, left, right

Slow down, draw your breath, stand at ease

Allow the winter to decrease

Let the wind lose its bite.

As a soldier wins the fight

In praise; fall to your knees

Time marches on.

Life goes on; in despite,

Of weakened sun and chilling breeze

Take a leaf from the trees

Praise the light and grow

Time marches on.

(c) Jan Hedger


Winter into spring

Winter into spring, espouses

Ice and snow to blinding sun

Thunder storms and winds that run

Madly round the streets and houses

Lifting skirts and tugging blouses

Gusts of mischief, having fun

Winter into Spring

Feisty March, the garden rouses

Tousled heads as blooms awaken

Leave their beds, the earth to brighten

Wanton nature, wild, carouses
Winter into Spring

(c) Ashley Jordan



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