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Poetry Form - Haiku

January blues
Celebration spirit fades
Winter biting cold

(c) Nick Crump 

I coo like you do

And you coo like I do, 'cos

We are Japanese

(c) Robert Brandon



Black thunder heads growl

Snaking lightning spits white light

I run from tall trees

(c) Maggie Crouch




Green laurel bushes

Swinging to the rushing wind

Tempest is coming

(c) Bernard Weekes-Lock


Steel-grey eyes; focused
Grey Wolf hides in the shadows
As does his namesake.

(c) Jan Hedger


Breath of snow climbs hills
Icy trees glistening past
Skiers loving tune

(c) 14.9.09 Josie Lawson
All Rights Reserved

The wind is blowing

Leaves are falling on the ground

It is very cold

(c) Maria Gethin


January Sales

Milling crowds bargain hunting

Flashing Neon Lights

(c) Frank Burnham


January wind

Leaves blowing about like mad

Look how fast they fly

(c) Pat Townsend


Benevolence starts

To flourish from the compass

The clock and candle

(c) Stephen Taylor


Skeins of snow white geese

Pure against the winter sky

Fly in formation.


(c) Jan Hedger


Crocodiles submerge

Hunting with periscope eyes,

Waiting for wildebeest.


(c) Jan Hedger 

Clouds knit together
Full of gathering moisture

January gloom.

(c) Jan Hedger 

New year beginning

Cold winter chill, warmth missing

For spring I'm longing

(c)Tony May


January is

Here, filling us with new cheer

Life begins anew

(c) Robert Brandon


Now, first line is five;

Next second line is seven;

And last, 'tis five 'gain.

(c) Robert Brandon


Eagles watch eager

Prey below flees frightfully

Another one caught

(c) Ryan Powell


Angels watch concerned

The loved fight for survival

Nature's way guides all

(c) Ryan Powell


Few elegant words

Uttered by a true prophet

Out came this Haiku

(c) Ryan Powell


Night has become day

Winter's days are dragging long

Before the day starts

(c) Ryan Powell


Winter's night are dark

As seasons and weather change

It's starting to snow

(c) Ryan Powell



Weather is changing

As seasons are passing by

The world is gleaming

(c) Ryan Powell


Clouds are watching down

As snow crystals are forming

Landscape is changing

(c) Ryan Powell


Trees have been stripped down

Reservoirs have been frozen

This is winter's change

(c) Ryan Powell


Evil is coming

Thus the landscape is changing

This is winter's time

(c) Ryan Powell


A very cold day

As it was so slippery

Under our warm boots

(c) Jan Humphreys


Leaves all around us

We started to slip on them

What great fun we had

(c) Jan Humphreys


The birds are happy

Robins have lovely red breasts

They show with delight

(c) Jan Humphreys


Start of a new year

For all to enjoy new starts

Look forward to spring

(c) Jan Humphreys


Sky heavy with snow

The clouds are grey and heavy

Snow falls with delight.

(c) Jan Humphreys


Above the moon shines

It is a very bright light

It glows while asleep

(c) Jan Humphreys


The autumn leaves drop

Thay lie along the pavements

The trees are all bare

(c) Jan Humphreys


We listen to music

It can make you feel so happy

Sadness comes with it

(c) Jan Humphreys


The beats of music

You tap along to the sound

Noise can hurt you ears

(c) Jan Humphreys


Embryonic Moon

Awaits birth in winter's sky

A new beginning

(c) Ashley Jordan


January snow

blankets new born grass, the earth

Peacefully sleeping

(c) Ashley Jordan


Weather was cloudy

I walked across Fairlight Glen

My spaniel came too


(c) Joan Dodkin


Frosted lawn twinkles

Morning sunshine does not warm

But brightens my mood

(c) Ashley Jordan




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