Grass Roots Open Writers

Light Haiku


The smile in her face

Beamed like grace, light and rainbow

She knows who she is


(C) Josie Lawson 24.9.2008
All rights reserved

Sea like a mill-pond

Vivid sheet lightning flashes

Fish swim deeper still


(C) Mary Cook 2008



Particles waving

Traversing vast distances

Scattered obliquely


(C) Ashley Jordan 2008



Sparkling stars at night

Shine down on the earth at night

The moon looks like cheese


(C) Jan Humphreys 2008


Rainbows slowly fade

Seeking refraction's treasure

Keeping God's promise


(C) Ryan Liffen 2008



Colour enhancing

Distant light progressively

Finding ways forward


(C) Josie Lawson 9.9.08

All Rights Reserved


Summer air slowly

Getting colder while Autumn

Comes before Winter


(C) Ryan Liffen 2008


Bright, white, fluffy snow

Here it comes and then it goes

Throwing white snowballs


(C) Jan Humphreys 2008


Sun shining, sky's blue

What season is coming soon

Any one it's fun.


(C) Ryan Liffen 2008



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