Grass Roots Open Writers


Issue 24

July - September 2014

July - September
Issue 24


This is the twenty-fourth Newsletter of Grass Roots Open Writers (GROW).    

This is where you will find details of all the activities we have organised and other useful information.

All the GROW groups are very informal  and relaxed.  We are always happy to welcome new members and visitors to our workshops, events and outings.

All venues have wheelchair ramps and an accessible toilet.

We try to be aware of all our members' needs and to cater for them as far as possible. If you have any special needs, or if there is anything we can do to make it easier for you to attend our groups, please let us know.

We ask for Voluntary Contributions
and suggest £1 per workshop to help  cover our printing costs, the materials we use and refreshments.


1. Committee News
2. Progress Reports
3. Planned Events
4. GROW Membership
5. Contact GROW
6. TheFED News
7. In Loving Memory
8. Thanks To...
9. GROW Dates


Pauline Faulkner (our Vice-Chair) has moved away, so the Bexhill group is no longer meeting.  We all wish her every happiness in her new home and hope that she will be able to visit us often.

The 27th GROW Executive Committee Meeting was held on Wednesday 2nd July 2014 in the Roosevelt Court Lounge.  At this meeting we arranged the outings and events we will be doing this summer.  (See Item 3. Planned Events for details.)

The 7th GROW AGM and next (28th) Executive Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 1st October 2014 in the Roosevelt Court Lounge from 10.30 – 13.00.  

It is very important that ALL the GROW members attend our AGM so please do make a note of the date in your diaries!  

The GROW Executive Meetings are open to all our members – please do come along if you can and share your ideas and suggestions with us.


Monday Group (Bexhill)

This group is no longer meeting as Pauline Faulkner has moved away.

Wednesday Group

This group meets every week from 10.00 – 13.30 in the Roosevelt Court Lounge.  The group  is very successful and we are getting a good attendance each week.  We are currently working on a range of arts and crafts projects.

We have been promised that WIFI internet access will soon be installed in the Roosevelt and Bevin Court Lounges and this will enable us to share our IT knowledge and skills as well as learn new things via online tutorials on the internet.

After the group some of us go to the Horizons Community Café in the Four Courts Community Centre, which sells snacks, drinks and light lunches until 2.30pm. (They extended their open times to accommodate us.)   

Thursday Group

This group is meeting every Thursday from 10.00 – 13.30 in the Bevin Court Lounge.  

This group is much quieter than the Wednesday group, which enables us to do creative writing alongside arts and crafts.  We have extended the group time to three and a half hours.

GROW Christmas Meal (2013)

We met at the White Rock Hotel on Friday 13th December for a Christmas Meal.  They do not offer a traditional roast but most people said they preferred to order from the regular men anyway.  We did not have to pre-book but we were still able to sit together.
This worked really well for us as and we agreed we would like to do it again.

After our meal some of us drove to Westfield to see the village lights, which were as lovely and spectacular as ever.  
Fancy That and Pub Lunches

We have made a couple of trips to Fancy That, a small knitting shop in Bexhill – followed by a pub lunch.  This has proved a very popular outing and we will be repeating it throughout the year.  


GROW Anthology

'Cosmic' is ready to print – we are just waiting for the votes for the cover designs to come in and be counted. Because the sound recordings have been corrupted we have decided to leave out the DVD this time rather than repeat all the recordings.


Nick Simpson's Birthday Celebration

Thursday 3rd July in the White Rock Hotel from 6pm onwards.  All welcome.

Beach Party – St Leonards

Wednesday 23rd July at 2pm (straight after the final Wednesday group this term.)  There is a car park a bit further along the promenade that blue badge holders can park in for free, which will make a level walk to the beach with no roads to cross.  We will be getting fish and chips in the new shop that has just opened on the beach opposite the Queen Victoria Statue.  There are public toilets nearby.

Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary

We are meeting every Sunday from 14.00 – 17.00 in the Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary, weather permitting.   

Barby Keel Summer Fete

Sunday 10th August from 12 – 5pm in the animal sanctuary.

Entry costs £2 for adults, FREE for children.  There is free parking in the adjacent field (accessed via Watermill Lane.)

There will be a café, vegetarian hotdog and burger stand and plenty of stalls where you can buy books, toys, games, gifts, hand made cards, DVDs, jewellery, clothing, pet supplies, ornaments and bric-a-brac, tombola, a raffle and lots of fun games and activities for kids.  

All proceeds go towards feeding and caring for the animals at the sanctuary – so you can snap up some bargains and help a very worthy cause at the same time.

Please phone or text 07932 231491 if you need - or can offer - a lift.

Beach Party – Bexhill

This Beach Party has been set for Tuesday 12th August Bexhill Beach starting at the later time of 6pm.   We will order Pizza for everyone who wants to chip in for it.  It will be during the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower so we should see plenty of shooting stars, if it is a clear night.

Bewl Water

We are going to Bewl Water on Wednesday 10th September, leaving from Roosevelt Court at 10am.  Please bring a picnic and something to sit on.

The 7th GROW AGM and 28th Executive Committee Meeting will take place on Wednesday 1st October 2014 in the Roosevelt Court Lounge from 10.30am – 1pm .  

Please do not miss this meeting.

We will of course be sharing a huge cake to celebrate our 7th year of happy  GROWing!


GROW membership costs £5 per year, and is due from the 1st September 2014 (valid until the 31st August 2015.)

All GROW members are entitled to set up a member's profile and their own Author Page on the GROW website exclusively for their own creative writing, photos and artwork.

Some of our members have included links to their own websites, video recordings and personal biographies as part of their profiles.


The GROW website address is:

Email Address:

Phone / Text: 07932 231491



TheFED Writing Festival 2014

This will take place on Saturday 15th November at Faraday House in Holborn,  London.  GROW will be hiring a minibus to take our members to this event.

TheFED Writing Challenges

The next three Writing Challenges are:

July – 'In the Garden'
August – 'Soulmates'
September – 'Deep Waters'

Writing can be factual, fictional, poetry or a short story and in any form or style.  

All entries will be displayed on TheFED website and may also be featured in future publications and anthologies of TheFED.

TheFED is also looking for suggestions for future writing challenges.  Ideally these should be open to various interpretations to allow for a wide variety of entries and writing styles.

7. In Loving Memory...

Ashley's dog, Dolly, who came along to many of the GROW workshops, outings  and events, passed away peacefully at home on the 16th June, a month after her 17th birthday. 

She will be very missed by everyone who knew and loved her.  She has been laid to rest in a beautiful spot at the Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary. 

GROW would like to thank:

The residents of Roosevelt Court.
The residents of Bevin Court
Pamela Brayford
Pauline Faulkner
Josie Lawson
The Four Courts Community Café
The GROW Executive Committee and all the GROW members.
(See Item 3. Planned Events for more details – or visit the GROW website.

for updates and amendments.

12th July – Barn Dance (Pett)

23rd July – Beach Party (St Leonards)

*25th July - 10th September* -
    Summer Holidays

10th August –
    Barby Keel Summer Fete

12th August – Beach Party (Bexhill)

10th September – Bewl Water Trip

1st October - 7th GROW AGM

*25th October - 2nd November* -
    Half Term Holidays

15th November -
    TheFED Writing Festival

*20th December - 4th January* -
    Christmas Holidays

*No GROW Groups
will be meeting
between these dates*

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