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June & July 2013
 03 July 2013

Music’s Not Dead

Two alcoves by the door, one where cold drinks    
Sit in a glass front tardis. Other side
Two battered armchairs for the connoisseurs
To read reviews of latest festivals.
The main space taken by the modest racks
Arranged from A – Z where buyers clack
Stiletto fingers through jewel-cased CD’s
Behind the counter, standing at their ease
The vendors stand, calm arbiters of taste.
Remaindered books on modern culture shelved
On one side each in its ordered place.
On the wall the album T shirts hang;
Bob Dylan, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd
Whose crystal pyramid and rainbow arch
Against cotton cloth black as midnight’s dark
Draws me down an ally to the past
Where adolescents sat in curtained rooms
Half-tranced and slumped and passing round the weed
Or trying to outplay their favourite band
On strummed guitar, harsh lyrics, outraged drums.
I smell old vinyl, sweaty sleep-filled rooms,
Spot cream and leathers, stale tobacco tins.
The change of track recalls me with a start
I glance towards the earphones hung like shells
That catch the sea of sound each gadget conjures up
And gradually tune weaves through my head,
I browse in time and out. Music’s Not Dead.

Debbie Beecher

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